About Belrobics - a belly dance inspired fitness programme

Belrobics is a belly dance inspired fitness programme like no other. Our aim is to inspire women of all shapes and sizes, to have confidence in their own bodies whilst keeping fit.

In each class, moves are broken down quickly and put to pre-choreographed Belrobics routines. These routines stay the same, with different levels within a class, for 8 weeks and then the moves and routines change. Belrobics is therefore suitable for all participants; for those who are beginners and for those who are experienced, as everyone learns new dances every two months to music that is carefully chosen to inspire and uplift the mind.

The roots of Belrobics are in Belly Dance which is one of the world’s oldest dances. It was especially created for women, by women, the movements within this dance working with the female form toning every muscle. The Belrobics dances are designed to work different areas of the body and the cardio element keeps the heart rate lifted. However, there is more to this programme than simply toning and exercising the body. The belly dance moves also increase self confidence as women feel feminine without having to be a certain size, age or ethnic origin. Belrobics is true to this principal making this programme very appealing as participants feel comfortable dancing and celebrating who they are whilst embracing and learning to love their body.

Belrobics philosophy is to love and embrace the body you are in and stay healthy in that body; physically and mentally.

The story of Belrobics

Jenny Muhlwa, the founder of Belrobics had always loved dance and fitness. Whilst working in the South of France she stumbled across a Moroccan belly dance teacher and fell in love with the dance. She trained closely with her teacher and was soon performing. Jenny then got the opportunity to work as a dance teacher in Turkey. Here she started experimenting with different teaching techniques and found a formula in her belly dance class that really appealed. The women loved this new style: their dance improved, their fitness improved and their confidence improved. Belrobics was born and the classes kept growing.

Jenny wanted to bring Belrobics back to the UK and so set up classes in her home town Sheffield in 2007. Since then she has made many TV and radio appearances and hundreds of women have enjoyed attending Belrobics classes

In 2012 Sharon O’Connell, who has a business career spanning nearly 30 years in retail, marketing and events organisation, teamed with Jenny and Belrobics Limited was launched. Our vision is to have inspiring instructors, having fun by teaching successful Belrobics classes. Our passion is in women feeling confident within themselves and to have enjoyment whilst keeping fit: to feel free from the often deranged ideals of beauty and gain self confidence with a healthy body and mind.

If you want to give Belrobics a go visit our 'Find a Class' page, or if you would like to find out more about joining the instructor team visit the 'Instructor Training' page, call us on 0114 383 0063 or email info@belrobics.com.                                           

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